Welcome to Express Tile. We have the pleasure of introducing a new innovation in the field of international glass tile design. We offer a variety of decorative glass tiles for residential and commercial properties. In stock and for immediate delivery, mosaic tile, wall tile, swimming pool tile, floor and kitchen tiles, bathroom tile, accent glass tile, glass backsplash tile, crystal tiles and more. Our series of exquisite cut tile crystals are specially cut to match our own line of decorative "GLASS TILE".

Here is a list of decorative glass tiles that we offer, wall tile, pool tile, floor tile, kitchen tile, bathroom tile, accent glass tile, glass back splash tile, linear 2" x 2" mosaic Basic and Perla tiles mounted on 12" x 12" mesh, linear Basic tiles for walls, linear Perla tiles for walls, linear Perla 8 slip resistant glass tiles for floors, accent glass tiles for floors and walls, mosaic tiles, 1/2" x 1/2" x 5/16" (8 mm) or 2" x 2" x 5/16" (8 mm) thick tiles mounted on 12" x 12" mesh for floors and walls, Swarovski crystals, Decorative Glass Tiles, Float Glass tiles and more.

Glass tiles are suitable for decoration of any interior and exterior surfaces. A wide selection of colors and motifs enables decoration of areas such as tiled halls, tiled bathrooms, tiled kitchens, tiled pools or large areas in hotels, banks and shopping centers. Our tiles are ideal for combination with other materials, such as metal, ceramics, wood or stone. Especially architects, builders and interior designers will appreciate its any application and curving possibilities that is perfect for tiling columns and wall niches.

Glass tiles are highly resistant to mechanical, chemical and climate influences. Maintenance of our tile is also very easy. Glass tile for floors are specially designed and improved with an Anti-Slip Surface that is ideal for tiling kitchen floors, bathroom floors and the perfect tile for residential swimming pools or public pools. Our anti slip surface tiles are also great for commercial buildings such as hotels, banks, shopping stores, malls, schools, etc.

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